Say hello to a new way of Mobile Banking with digibank. Live more, Bank less

Save with the Safest Bank in Asia! Get maximum benefits with a minimum monthly average balance of Rs 10000.

DBS MOBILE BANK:- Ever find yourself wishing for a bank that thinks, behaves and acts exactly like you would want it to – a partner so seamless and intuitive that is unlike any other. Banking and technology rolled into one that it almost magically produces more time for you each day – to do more of things you love. The Unbank is here – digibank by DBS.

A Bank for Winners 🏅

World’s Best Bank 3 years in a row
Asia’s Safest Bank 13 years in a row
Forbes’ India’s Best Bank in 2020
…among many others.

Smarter Wealth Management 💰

a. Mutual Funds Made Easy:

– Stay ahead of the game. Let digibank coach you to become a pro at mutual fund investments.
– Buy and sell Morningstar 5-star rated mutual funds effortlessly through digibank.
b. Make Your Money Grow:

– Enjoy higher interest rates on your savings

Remit seamlessly 💰

Keep love and life undelayed with
– Same day overseas transfers
– Zero hidden costs
– 100% Credit to recipient
– Competitive rates and more

Do More With Confidence with digibank Debit Card 😎

a. digibank delights

Save Rs. 50,000* annually on 95+ brands. digibank Debit Card gives complete control to domorewithconfidence

b. digibank bigbasket Debit Card

Get an instant discount of up to ₹5400 p.a. on shopping from bigbasket via the digibank bigbasket Debit Card. T&C Apply.
c. More Digital Control
Temporarily block your debit card, switch to international mode, control your spending channels – all from the app.

Intelligent Banking 💡

DBS MOBILE BANK:- Our AI-powered financial brain makes everyday banking more personal, more relevant and more useful for you. Get:
a. Spend alerts
b. Spend analysis
And more…

Made for Goal-Diggers 🤑

a. Instant Paperless Personal Loans

Avail personal loans instantly, without any paperwork or branch visits.

b. Goal-Based Savings

DBS MOBILE BANK:- From 3-month plans to 3-year plans, achieve all your goals like a boss with our customisable dashboard and intuitive reminders.
c. Contingency Funds for Financial Freedom
Instantly plan and prepare for any rainy day with contingency funds via digibank. It’s instant and paperless.

Universal Banking Remote 🎮

Kiss goodbye to clutter. Link and operate ALL your bank accounts from the digibank app using UPI!


Protect what matters using digibank’s Instant & affordable Insurance solutions.

What They Say About Us 🗣

“Once again DBS shines as a leading light in banking.” – Global Finance
“DBS represents what we believe a bank should look like today.” – Euromoney
“DBS is a world leader in digital transformation.” – The Banker

Minimum Average Balance for Maximum Benefits 💸

Maintain a Minimum Average Balance of just ₹10000 to unlock a world of instant, intelligent and intuitive banking

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