Adding Nest Aware

Adding Nest Aware

Adding Nest Aware

Adding Nest Aware
Adding Nest Aware

Adding Nest Aware If you’ve taken an interest in Google’s Nest Cams or Doorbells for your smart home, Adding Nest Aware So what do you get out of a Nest Aware subscription, and is it worth paying the recurring fee? you’ve probably run into some mention of Nest Aware, adding nest aware subscription a paid subscription service you can sign up for to augment their features.

That’s good enough if you’re awake and within quick reach of your phone, but not for incidents recorded overnight or while you’re away on a trip. The standard Nest Aware subscription extends event history to 30 days. Google sells an upgrade option, Nest Aware Plus, that stretches this out to 60 days and adds 10 days of continuous video history if you need to see more footage.
Just realize that not all Nest cameras support continuous recording, the main restriction being anything battery-powered.The primary benefit of a Nest Aware subscription is extended recording history. By default, Nest cameras record just three hours of event history, an “event” being a short clip triggered by sound or motion.

Nest Aware Camera

Google released a few new Adding Nest Aware  Nest cameras this year: a wired, indoor-only model; a wireless indoor/outdoor model; a doorbell; and a camera with a floodlight.
So what exactly is Nest Aware, and do you really need it to use a Nest camera?
We’ve reviewed them all, and in each review, we were annoyed by Nest hardware’s reliance on a paid subscription to a service called Nest Aware.


  • While the latest Nest Cams and the Nest Doorbell Battery can distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles using onboard AI, triggering appropriate notifications, Aware subscribers can teach their cameras to recognize individual friends and family.
  • The next biggest benefit is familiar face detection.
  • instead of getting an alert that a “person” is at the door, you’ll be told if it’s, say, Roger, Lakesha, or Stephanie.

Lastly, Aware makes it easier to get in touch with a local 911 call center. This won’t matter to most people, since you can always dial emergency services on your own, but it may be useful if you’re out of town — Google’s “e911” tech connects you to the 911 dispatch closest to your home, rather than one where you’re currently located.

Something less commonly known about Aware is that it enables sound detection of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, not just by wired Nest Cams, but by any Google smart speaker or display. Speakers and displays can also trigger alerts when they hear glass breaking, and the Nest Hub Max will further notify you if it hears someone talking. The Max can act as its own camera under Aware, if you’re comfortable with that.

Nest Aware Price

Nest Aware Plus costs $12 a month or $120 annually.Nest Aware costs $6per month, or $60 per year if you bill it all at once.The pricing model used to be more complicated, but currently, on either tier, a single subscription covers all your cameras and speakers.

Beyond its Aware features, the Nest Doorbell Battery can be hardwired if you don’t want to recharge it every few months, and record event footage for up to an hour after a power or Wi-Fi cut.In an era when people are getting everything from dinner to gym equipment delivered, and porch pirates are a serious threat, it just makes sense to have a video doorbell. Just know that it doesn’t support continuous recording with Aware Plus, even with its wired setup.

the Nest Hub is now available for $89.99, down from $129, and the Nest Cam indoor is $129.99, down from $199.

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